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Standing Lateral Shoulder Raise With Tube Bands

Area Targeted: Side Shoulder

Can you get a better Side Shoulder Exercise than Standing Lateral Shoulder Raise with Tube Bands? We don't think so! This exercise isolates and works the Lateral Deltoids (Side Shoulder) without the momentum normally associated with free weights. You will work the muscle incredibly hard without the wear and tear on the joints.


Follow the instructions below to perform this exercise:


Anchor: Not required

Bands: Attach a handle to each end of the band(s).

Body Positioning: Stand on the band(s) hips width apart. Now grip a handle in each hand and stand up straight with your back straight, head straight, chest up, and stomach tight. Start with your arms slightly bent and palms facing in, at your sides.


Raise your arms straight out to the sides, until your elbows are at shoulder height. Return to the starting position (controlling the resistance). Repeat.


1. Rotate your upper arm bone forward so that as you raise your arms out to the side, your elbows are higher than your hands.

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