Stackable Resistance Bands

What Makes Our Stackable Clip Tube Resistance Bands so great? That's simple! An industry Leading design, and the best quality available.

Patented Anti-Snap Technology

Our bands feature Game changing inner-cord technology to prevent the causes of snapping, and injury in the case of a snap.

Patented Clip Design

Bodylastics clips may look like regular carabiners but they are so much better! One small improvement makes a HUGE difference.

Accurate & Higher Resistance

Not only do our bands provide more tension than the competition, they also are labeled with REAL WORLD weight equivalents for accuracy.

You Deserve The Best!

Bodylastics knows that you will use your Stackable Bands to improve your health, and your life. You will rely on them. That's why they have to perform and last! We design and build ours to hold up to the most rigorous workouts.

Patented Anti-Snap Technology

Let's start with this first. This was a HUGE game changer for elastic tubes back in 2011. Firstly, regardless of the quality of the tubes (ours are excellent) all elastic tubes can snap. It happens because the user unknowing over-stretches the band. To minimize this we came up with our patented inner cord “Safety Net” system, to prevent over-stretching.

Patented Quick Clip Design

Bodylastics patented clip design enables you to add or subtract resistance (bands) for a more effective workout. Our current systems incorporate oversized zinc coated iron clips for the highest level of convenience and durability.

Accurate & Higher Resistance Levels

It seems like the entire Bands Industry has become an environment for inaccurate and fairy tail weight ratings. Other companies rate their bands higher to sell more product. That's not how we roll! We know that you want accurate ratings on each band that relates to real weight. So, we use simple but efficient tools to measure the tension on each band. Our band ratings are lower, but actually create more tension than others on the market. Want to see a side by side comparison between Bodylastics and the competition? Click the "Watch The Video" button.

Superior Door Anchor Design

The Bodylastics Door anchor is a product of years of testing and improvements. It is designed to be safe for your door, safe for your bands, and safe for you!

Highest Quality Components

What makes Bodylastics components better? It's a combination of things, from the toughest materials, to the size of our hardware, to the actual comfort while you are doing your workout. Click the button below to see how our components compare to the rest of the pack:

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