How To Set Up A Resistance Bands Door Anchor Attachment

You can effectively work every muscle group with resistance bands. There are tons of exercises! However, the number of exercises increases greatly with a simple but effective component: The Door Anchor Attachment. This small addition will enable you to do the best exercises from the gym. We're not talking about some make shift exercises, we are talking about the SAME exact exercises as the super expensive machines.
It is super important to understand how to set up and use your door anchor properly, since resistance bands essentially create a super powered slingshot. YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR BAND(S) TO BREAK FREE WHILE YOU ARE WORKING OUT.

The written descriptions of proper door anchor set up can be super useful, however we know that many of you would rather see it demonstrated on video. Click on the link to see How To Set Up Your Resistance Bands Door Anchor Attachment

The two types of anchors: Small Stopper and Big Stopper
While most band systems include a door anchor attachment, they are not all the same. They come in different shapes and sizes. The set-up and use of your anchor will vary, depending on the style of anchor that you have. The two most common types of anchors are ones that have a small stopper and ones that have a big stopper.


The anchor with the small hard piece at one end is ONLY meant to be secured on the hinge side of the door. Here are the steps to "anchor" it.

1. Open The Door
2. Pick the height of the anchor that you need and push the loop end of the anchor through the opening of the door and the door frame.
3. Securely close the Door
4. Thread your band through the loop


This type of anchor is definitely more versatile. The Large foam stopper will enable to set your door anchor at at all sides of the door (top and bottom too), since the bigger size will prevent it from pulling through the larger openings. Here are the steps to anchor it:

1. Open the door
2. Place the large foam piece inside the door and position it so that when you close the door it is on the opposite side of the door (the loop should be on your side of the door)
3. Close the door
4. Lock the door (this is especially important if you are NOT using the hinge side of the door)
5. Thread your band(s) through the loop.

Final Notes

As I was getting ready to shoot the video for this segment I removed the door anchors that we always have set up on a specific door, and I caught something that I was not expecting. When I looked at one of the anchors really closely I could see that one had already started to tear.

This actually happens often with door anchors with regular use, especially if you have a really sharp door.

***Make sure that you check your door anchor for wear and tear. When it starts to tear, or looks compromised, be smart and order a new one, just to be on the safe side.

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