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Top 5 Resistance Bands Lat Exercises For A Wide Back

Hi, I'm Blake Kassel. I'm a Resistance Bands Training expert. I help everyday folks build muscle, and get in the best shape of their lives with elastic bands. Today I want to show you guys the five best Lat exercises with elastic bands to create a big, wide back.

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Secret To Prevent Resistance Bands From Snapping

A common question by people who use resistance bands is, "How can I prevent my bands from snapping?". A Resistance band snapping is actually a common occurrence, however, most of the snaps can be avoided by following a simple secret.

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How To Set Up A Resistance Bands Door Anchor Attachment

You can effectively work every muscle group with resistance bands. There are tons of exercises! However, the number of exercises increases greatly with a simple but effective component: The Door Anchor Attachment. This small addition will enable you to...

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Top 3 Resistance Bands Exercises For Building The Biceps

Resistance bands are super effective for working and affecting every muscle group. That being said they are UNBELIEVABLE For working the Biceps arm muscles (the 2 muscles on the top of your arm.) After leading over 1100 insane Resistance...

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4 “Must Do” Rotator Cuff Exercises With Exercise Bands

Hey workout partners, Today I want to show you the four “Must Do” Rotator Cuff Exercises for shoulder health. What is your rotator cuff? What are the rotator cuff muscles? The Rotator Cuff is made up of four muscles in and around the shoulder.

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Top 3 Resistance Bands Exercises For Football

Believe it or not elastic resistance is the superior training tool for building speed and power on the football field. Seriously! Elastic resistance is better because you can take the exact movements from the field and make them exponentially more difficult...

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Building Muscle With Resistance Bands – Muscle Gambling

If you want to build incredible muscle with resistance bands then you must try Muscle Gambling. In most types of gambling you only have a so so shot of winning. With this workout strategy, EVERYONE is a winner!

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