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Pro Athletes, Strength Coaches, Personal Trainers, Moms and Dads from around world have come to respect the Bodylastics brand. Our goal is to make great health affordable and safe for everyone..

Our Promise

Bodylastics International has made a commitment to providing the most effective, safest and best designed
elstic resistance products available anywhere. We know the importance of a great fitness tool to help you look and feel your best. You need to be able to believe in it and rely on it. It becomes a part of your life..

Our Story

Back in 1994 Blake Kassel (Bodylastics CEO) was being certified for personal training through NASM. During the weekend long certification he heard multiple instructors praise the benefits of surgical tubing for resistance training. While latex tubing was sufficient for light training, it was not feasible for strong individuals.

So, he went to the drawing board and invented the quick clip system, which would enable the user to add "stack" multiple bands for greater resistance. 

Blake spent the next 1.5 years perfecting the design of the bands and the components. In 1998 the first Bodylastics system was launched. Resistance bands training has never been the same since.

Bodylastics Industry Firsts:

Bodylastics International has been the industry trailblazer in regards to innovations for elastic workout systems .
1st Stackable Resistance Bands System
1st Bands With Tough Safety Cord
1st Bands Set to Have Ankle Straps 
1st Online Bands Learning Center
1st Bands To Use Carabiner Clips
1st Bands With Printed Weight Equivalents
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