Our Story

Back in 1996 there were only single resistance bands available for training. While this was okay for toning, it was limiting for building muscle. So, to fill the gap, the folks at Bodylastics got to work! After several prototypes, blood, sweat and tears, the first “Stackable” Resistance Bands Set was created!

Since we sold our very first stackable bands set in 1998 we have helped millions of people feel and look better than they ever imagined. Frankly, our customer testimonials are often shocking even to us!

My Story (The First Part May Be Like Yours)

Oh So Long Ago...

Yes, that was me at 21 years old in 1990 (Seems like a lifetime ago ). Back then I believed that I knew everything about resistance training. I thought that using free weights was the ONLY way that you could build quality muscle.

If anyone had told me back then that they used Resistance Bands for muscle building I would have laughed. I most likely would have explained that “You can’t build muscle with bands”. I was ignorant and young!

Then in 1994, during a personal Training Certification course I learned about a great resistance tool to use with your clients – Surgical Tubing, (Resistance Bands!) My Mind was cranking. So, in 1996 I invented a stackable, clipable bands design. Soon after, the first Bodylastics system was launched (1998). Admission: While I Launched Bodylastics as a great training tool for everyone else, I myself was still a Free Weights Guy.

The "Dad Bod" Era Begins

Well, you’ve heard the story before, life can swallow you up. In the years that followed the launch of Bodylastics I became overwhelmed with life, unhealthy and out of shape. This was certainly embarrassing as I owned a fitness equipment company ????

My workouts were few and far between and my joints hurt!

So, in 2008 I fulfilled my destiny and began using my own product to rebuild my body.

What About Today?

Fast forward to today, I am 52 years old and in the best shape of my life! Oh yeah, I give the 25 years olds a run for their money!

I’m not alone. Since we launched the first Bodylastics Super System in 1998, and the workouts in 2009, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people create the type of body that THEY visualized having.

I am 100% positive that we are going to help you too!