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Need the Absolute best workout from home or anyplace else? Find out why USA Military Personnel, NFL Team Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers from around the globe have preferred Bodylastics Resistance Bands over all others!

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Bodylastics has built a reputation for offering the highest quality Resistance Bands & Bands Related Products. We built this reputation because our products feature the absolute best materials & design available.

Best Resistance Bands
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What if there was an On-Demand Resistance Band Workouts Website that rivaled the workout websites and Apps for the Bikes and Mirrors?

Well, THERE IS! It's called the Bodylastics Training Portal and it's 100% FREE! NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED. Sign up below and access over 5000 WORKOUTS to Build Muscle, Burn Fat, and Improve Flexibility from Anwhere!


Years ago, we wanted to make our bands safer, and last longer. So, we invented our amazing, patented inner cord system. While NO Resistance bands are snap proof, this safeguard can help prevent snaps and reduce the chance for injury if a band does actually break.

Proudly 100% American, Family Owned

Bodylastics is an American owned company, based in Boca Raton, Florida. We provide a phone number because (during business hours) we actually have people to answer it! Sometimes you just want to get someone on the phone :) We're here to help! Your success is our success! Call us: 561-562-4745


We launched the first Stackable Band Set in 1998 and it changed an entire industry. Since then we have improved our products year after year and invented additional products to make bands training even better!


Bodylastics exercises stand toe to toe with the best exercise machines from the gym, but so much better! Unlimited Angles, and Portability will change your mind about how to build muscle & what type of equipment to use.

Designed to Perform


Quality includes all aspects of the band: the clasp, the tension, the safety, usability. Bodylastics covers all of the points and are the ONLY bands I'll use with my personal training clients and at my boot camps.

Dan P.

The quality of the BL bands is second to none. I had a cheaper pair of bands bought as a Christmas present for me to get back into training following a sternum injury. Those bands snapped within a month. I came across BL bands 9 Months ago and have never looked back.

Stephen C.

When I spend money on anything, I want to make sure it lasts. Plus, get smacked in the face by a broken band just once, and quality sort of creeps up that list very quickly! PS: this is why I only buy Bodylastics :)

Michelle Y.

Iron Clad Guarantee/Warranty

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your Bodylastics products they can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of receiving them. Bodylastics does not offer pre-paid return shipping on order returns.

Lifetime Durability Guarantee

Bodylastics Bands carry a Lifetime Warranty. If anything snaps, breaks or fails in the first 90 days we replace it free of charge. After 90 days to forever it is just a small fee. For the exact terms of the warranty checkout the warranty page.