Resistance Bands Bar

It took us 8 years to bring this amazing resistance bands bar to the market. Why? Because we wanted it to be the best on the market, and there was no way that we would launch a product that was sub par. You will know that you made the right decision to acquire this bar when you take it out of the box!

Check Out The Amazing Features Below:

Ultra Strong Construction

Bodylastics’ customers are a different breed. They take resistance bands training super seriously – we understand this. We do too!

So, when we designed this bar it had to be able to handle MEGA resistance. That’s why the actual bar is a super thick steel pipe!

Every bar carries a 300 lb rating, which means that it had to withstand 750 lbs!

Better Grip Angles

We started working on a Resistance Bands Bar back in 2012. However, we would not sell a single unit until we were satisfied with the design.

To get it right, we needed to recreate the legit bends of the EZ curls bars from the gym.

Mission accomplished!

Our hand hold bend angles are close to 45 degrees. So, you will have more gripping comfort for harder workouts, leading to better results.

Incredible Rubber Grip

When we were designing a grip for the bar we started searching online.

We found some amazing designs and used them to create a mould. It was risky, as moulds are SUPER expensive and we hadn’t actually felt the grip.

When we got the first prototype, we were blown away!

Far better than expected! You will not be disappointed!

Patented Design

What good would an amazing curl bar be if it wasn’t portable?

This was one of the major challenges that we faced to bring this to market. The bar had to be collapsible, yet CRAZY strong when it was assembled.

Our design accomplished this so well that we decided to patent it.

Throw it right in your suit case with the included Carry Bag!

Super Smooth O-Rings

It’s not always what you can see that makes a difference, it’s what you can’t see.

In this case what you can’t see is the mechanism that controls the rotation for the Heavy Duty O-Rings on the ends of the Bodylastics Resistance Band Curl Bar.

The Rings are assembled with double bearings for ultra smooth turning EVERY TIME now, and into the future!

Not Just For Curls

Attach your Resistance Bands to our Curl Bar to work every muscle group in your body: Legs, Chest, Shoulders, Back, Biceps, Triceps & Abs – we’ve got you covered!

You are going to LOVE our Resistance Bands Bar!