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Legit! We offer a "secret sauce" with your Bodylastics product that will insure the best results possible. What is this secret sauce? It's our video workouts on the LIVEexercise Mega Site! Best of all, LIVEexercise offers a 2 week free trial, so you can kick the tires.

Below are just some of the amazing classes that LIVEexercise Offers:

Best Resistance Band Workout
Resistance Band Full Body Workout
Pilates Workouts With Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands Workouts For Women
Resistance Loop Bands Workouts
Resistance Band Arm Workouts
HIIT Workouts With Resistance Bands
Resistance Band Total Body Workouts
Chest Workouts With Resistance Bands
Abs Workout With Resistance Bands
Blake Kassel
Bodylastics CEO

90% Better Results? Come On, Really?

How did we come up with 90% better results? That's easy! Check out the reasons below:
1. Our routines are more effective. Every band workout is written by a Top Instructor/South Florida Personal Trainer. Every session is killer!
2. You will push yourself harder. Our instructors (your workout partners) workout right by your side pushing and motivating the entire time.
3. Our unique style of filming will make you feel like you are in the studio with the instructor. This creates a connection and a sense of accountability. You will show up again because you know that they did.

“Awesome website with knowledgeable dedicated trainers who sweat it out with you. The program's change constantly keeping it interesting and forcing the body to improve. I love training with resistance bands as it gives me the intense training I'm after while being gentle on the joints. You guys rock!”

Rob L.
Jane Smith

“Got me back into shape when i stopped working out and after doing chiseled for 4 months constant now I am probably as strong or stronger and leaner then I have been since my high school football days.”

John L.
Shane Melaugh