Pilates With Resistance Bands

Years ago, we hired a Pilates instructor to lead Reformer style Pilates workouts with Bodylastics Resistance Bands. Even though we already had a muscle building show with Bands called “Chiseled” we knew that there was an audience that would be interested in the time tested style of training that had built some of the most incredible Hollywood bodies. This style of training is Pilates.

Pilates has become a super popular style of resistance training because it builds strength in addition to long and lean muscles. It is a blend of full body movements that borrow elements from Ballet and Yoga.

Annie was the first instructor that we hired and after her very first class she said that she would NEVER buy another Pilates Reformer again for her Pilates Studios. Why? Because the stackable bands system worked so much better. While we have quite a few episodes in the archives, we wanted to start the LIVE classes again. So we recruited another amazing instructor, Jessica. As we expected, her first class was AMAZING. Try it right here in the video below:

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