Building Muscle With Resistance Bands – Muscle Gambling

Before you start reading, you might just want to do it and experience it instead. If that’s the case Click the image to try the actual full length follow-along Chiseled Muscle Gambling Workout

If you want to build incredible muscle with resistance bands then you must try Muscle Gambling. In most types of gambling you only have a so so shot of winning. With this workout strategy, EVERYONE is a winner!

Here’s how it works: You will write down 6 different exercise options for muscle groups on a board. Next you set a timer for the desired amount of time. Once you start the timer, you roll the dice. Whatever number that ends up on top corresponds with the number on the board. So if you roll a 4, you must do the style of reps and sets for #4 on the board. Once you have completed the reps and sets as per the instructions, you roll again. Keep rolling and working until the timer runs out. Check out one of the boards that we set up on Chiseled below:

Here is an example of a recent muscle Gambling workout for Chest, Back and Biceps that you can use for your own workout:

Warm Up: Rotator cuff – Back Extension/Abs

Chest – 9 Minutes

  1. 2 x 8 Reps – 4 Min Alternating Positives: Resisted Pushups/Chest Press
  2. 2 x 8 Reps – 3 and 3: Chest Press/One arm chest fly
  3. 30 Reps: Wide Fly Pushups
  4. 5 Cycle Tabata: Chest Press
  5. 4 min EMOM: 16 Pushups/Chest Press
  6. 2 x 6 Reps – 15 sec Pulse Positive: Kneeling One arm chest fly

Back & Biceps – 12 Minutes

  1. 8 Reps – 4 min alternating Positives: Squatted Row/Preacher curl
  2. 2 x 8 Reps – 3 and 3 kneeling reverse grip Low/One Arm Preacher Hammer
  3. 30 Reps Wide Grip Lat/LYING Curls high
  4. 6 Cycle Alternating Tabata Squatted Row/Arms up Curls
  5. 4 min EMOM 18 Wide Grip Lat/Standing Hammer Curl
  6. 2x 6 Reps – 15 sec Pulse Positive Stand 1 arm Row/Standing Hammer Curls high

Cool Down

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