Door Push Up With Tube Bands

Area Targeted: Upper/Middle Chest

The Door Push Up is a great variation of the Standard Resisted Pushup if you are a beginner and not strong enough for Standard Pushups, or need to perform more reps and just do not have enough strength left over. You can easily adjust your resistance with distance between your feet and the door.


Follow the instructions below to perform this exercise:


Anchor: Not required.

Bands: No adjustment required. Wrap the band(s) around your body so that the band(s) are around your back.

Body Positioning: Wrap the band(s) around your body so that the band(s) are around your back. Now stand about 2 feet in front of a door and place your palms over the band(s), on each side of the door (or door frame). Make sure that there is no slack in the band(s). Your hands should be about 20 inches apart, with fingers pointed overhead. Keep your back straight, legs straight and head straight.


Push your body away from the door until your arms are straight. Return to the starting position (controlling the resistance). Repeat.


1. Do not let your buttocks push back or move forward during the movement. Your body should be straight, like a board from your head to your feet.

2. When you move your body towards the door, stop when your upper arms are parallel with the door in front of you.

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