16 Bands Complete Curl Bar Set – 564 lbs


The Bodylastics 16 Band Complete Curl Bar Set is a massive Bodylastics kit. It features 35 total components that include our patented Curl Bar and 16 resistance bands that can all be combined to produce a maximum of 564lbs. The entire system packs into our custom designed premium shoulder bag.

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Maximize Your Fitness Routine With The Bodylastics Ultimate Resistance Band Set With Curl Bar

This all-in-one set is perfect for targeting various muscle groups and enhancing your athletic performance. Our heavy-duty strength bands have a robust, patented Snap Reduction and Safety Tech design, ensuring a safer workout experience. The ultra-strong, super-thick steel Resistance Bands Bar features a custom-textured, non-slip rubber grip and 45-degree bends for optimal wrist comfort. With three connection points, it carries a 300lb rating, withstanding up to 750lbs of resistance.

The set includes 16 stackable resistance bands for exercises, offering a total of 564lbs real-tested resistance level. The premium zipper bag with velcro straps and pockets ensures easy transportation and storage of the bands and bar. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the Bodylastics Ultimate Resistance Band Set with Curl Bar is the ultimate workout set for strength and resistance training.

What’s Included:

1 – Resistance Bands Bar
2 – 3 lb Bands
2 – 5 lb Bands
2 – 8 lb Bands
2 – 13 lb Bands
2 – 19 lb Bands
2 – 23 lb Bands
2 – 30 lb Bands
2 – 40 lb Bands
1 – Small Anywhere Anchor
1 – Large Anywhere Anchor
2 – Door Anchors
6 – Handles
6 – Ankle Straps
1 – Premium Zipper Bag with Velcro Straps and Pockets
1 – Spiral Bound User Manual With Exercises