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The Bodylastics Band Barrier was designed to protect resistance bands from damage due to friction with rough surfaces. Each Band Barrier is made with strong nylon fabric, heavy duty stitching, top quality neoprene padding, and high quality velcro.

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What’s Included:

1 – Band Barrier

50 reviews for Bands Protector

  1. Tamarra S. (verified owner)

    This product is well made and the application is reasonable. I would however make it a bit longer so that a wide stance will still fit on it.

  2. Philip J. (verified owner)

    Great idea to keep bands from excessive rubbing.

  3. Mary C. (verified owner)

    Works fine! It does exactly what it is supposed to do…protect my Bodylastic bands from wear & tear! Some of my exercises are done on my covered patio, which has a concrete floor…this protector is just what I needed.

  4. Bryan C. (verified owner)

    I don't have to stand on the band.

  5. Bryan C. (verified owner)

    Original idea

  6. Gary F. (verified owner)

    Easy to use

  7. Christopher L. (verified owner)

    Smart and practical idea! Love it!

  8. Daniel R. (verified owner)

    Works great for those standing curls

  9. Oswald B. (verified owner)

    I not only use these when standing on the bands, they're great for keeping a bunch of bands together in a tight bundle for various exercises.

  10. Thomas H. (verified owner)

    They are made from thick quality material and keep the bands together when doubled up and help keep the bands from prematurely getting frayed or cut

  11. Jose V. (verified owner)


  12. John R. (verified owner)

    I have purchased and tried 4 different resistance sets. They have all been cheap garbage. I once saw someone exercising with these bands in Hollywood Beach, and I couldn't believe the quality. As soon as I got home, I bought the Warrior package. I've never been happier. The materials are strong, heavy, durable, and long-lasting. The clips are high quality, and are always in position to fasten. Since working out with this, there is already an improvement in my muscle size, and I've gone back and purchased more accessories, including a 40 lb. band, and protective sleeve.

  13. Heather C. (verified owner)

    Works very well!

  14. Mario D. (verified owner)


  15. Miguel C. (verified owner)

    The Band Protector is definitely high quality. Very strong and easy to use.

  16. Maurice L. (verified owner)

    exactly as described, protects my X 3 bands and is comfortable on my shoulder for the press

  17. Tim K. (verified owner)

    Good quality

  18. Kera M. (verified owner)

    Just as described – quality product.

  19. Sandy W. (verified owner)

    Like the rest of the product line, this is well made. I like that it serves to help protect the bands (which should ultimately help to protect me).

  20. Mark L. (verified owner)

    Very well made!

  21. Mark L. (verified owner)

    Nice sturdy thickness. Used it today and it made it feel like it added a lot of protection, although the bands themselves are pretty tough.

  22. Mark L. (verified owner)

    Love the sturdiness of the bands protector great for working out on the blacktop of my backyard.

  23. Mark L. (verified owner)

    The bands protector used IN CONJUNCTION with the bands bar makes exercises 1) versatile, 2) easy, and most importantly (according to my wife who uses it more than I do) it evens the forces left-to-right so you're not having to use your core to even out the forces during a pull or push. This latter benefit was quickly noticed by her in that she doesn't have to mentally 'fight' the left/right imbalance any more and can therefore concentrate on the exercise itself.

    We use the protector in both the overhead (lat pull) on my custom setup and underfoot (bicep curl) and it's very versatile and quick to add more bands when needed.

  24. Mark L. (verified owner)

    Helps protect my investment and keep my bands safe. Exactly as described.

  25. Anthony V. (verified owner)

    After 8 years of off and on again workouts with my Bodylastics bands I finally decided that at age 72 that if I didn't get serious ,I could spend the rest of my life as a cripple. After three and a half months I decided that I needed at least 2 of each band for longevity. I am in this for the long run and am actually looking forward to my workouts!

  26. John T. (verified owner)

    Yes love it. Well build

  27. Gabrielle M. (verified owner)

    Recently added the curl bar and it added what has been missing from my band workouts. The band protector allows me to workout outdoors without worrying about damaging my bands.

  28. Scott K. (verified owner)

    bands will stay forever

  29. Ken W. (verified owner)

    These bands are great! They are really easy to use and they are made of great quality.

  30. Lee M. (verified owner)

    Great products at great prices!! A+++++

  31. Wayne R. (verified owner)

    Great product. I don't want to go to the gym at this point and bodylastics is proving to be a great product and a lifesaver.

  32. Andre Y. (verified owner)

    Easy to use and saves wear and tear on my bands.

  33. Ray H. (verified owner)

    Fast delivery as always great product's!

  34. Ray H. (verified owner)

    Here's the thing: the bands are incredibly durable as is, but you still want to avoid unnecessary wear. If you're going to be stepping on your bands on concrete or any other kind of hard or rough surface, the Bands Protector is a must have for extending their lifespan and keeping them looking fresh. This was money well spent.

  35. Norman D. (verified owner)

    It's long and looks well built. I purchased the Warrior XT 21-pc set which comes in green and other neutral colors so I would have preferred the Camo green variant of this band barrier protector. However, only this black and blue product is available. I won't use it regularly so I hope it doesn't wear out just being stored.

  36. Davion L. (verified owner)

    It's bigger than I thought which is actually a big plus!
    I use it for wrapping around one of the poles in the basement where I work out. Should definitely extend the life of my bands.

  37. Raul C. (verified owner)

    This anchor is strong and sturdy. A great way to utilize the Bodylastic bands in varying plains of motion.

  38. Wanda J. (verified owner)

    Easy and hassle free.

  39. Mike D. (verified owner)

    This is a great item if you're planning on using your bands outdoors. I have the small Anywhere Anchor and got this one to use in areas where the small one doesn't work. I've purchased Bodylastics products for myself and also for the corporate gym where I work. I can strongly recommend their quality and also the company's customer service.

  40. Jon M. (verified owner)

    Certainly larger than I thought, but it sure does the job. Also a good way to measure where to stand.

  41. Don B. (verified owner)

    The quick delivery.

  42. Theodore F. (verified owner)

    I couldn't be happier with my body last is equipment, having such a complete array of excersizes at home really improves overall strength and fitness so much better than constantly going to the gym. At the gym i spent 2-3 hours a few days a week but with bodylastics at home i can get a full workout in in the morning and just keep doing more all day long between work and chores. It's really paying off! Thank you BIGTIME!!!

  43. Theodore F. (verified owner)

    Amazing – protects the bands perfectly, this product will extend the life of the bands considerably!

  44. Bryan K. (verified owner)

    The fact that it protects the bands from unnecessary friction from a pole or damage from my shoes, this should help them last longer.

  45. Charles S. (verified owner)

    Simple and easy to use. the great thing is it protects your health investment. My last set of Bodylastics bands did not hold up because they were not encased by the elements. It is a must-buy

  46. Brandon B. (verified owner)

    These are the absolute best quality resistance bands on the market!

  47. Frank C. (verified owner)

    handles were a replacement for the old style with foam around the handles- the foam had broken and fell off

  48. Ronclark03 (verified owner)

    Barrier did a great job not rubbing when around metal objects and when I stand on the bands…will keep the elasticity on bands a lot longer with this piece of equipment.

  49. Dedrick B. (verified owner)

    I am using this protector with another brand of exercise bands, but they fit just fine. I would recommend this to a friend. It was well made. I do not have any problems with my current exercise bands, but I would seriously consider bodylastics brand if I needed a new kit

  50. Julian S. (verified owner)

    I think it's great and how it protects the resistance bands while using them!!

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