Our Story

Back in 1996 there were only single resistance bands available for training. While this was okay for toning, it was limiting for building muscle. So, to fill the gap, the folks at Bodylastics got to work! After several prototypes, blood, sweat and tears, the first "Stackable" Resistance Bands Set was created!

Since we sold our very first stackable bands set in 1998 we have helped millions of people feel and look better than they ever imagined. Frankly, our customer testimonials are often shocking even to us! 

Blake Kassel (Born 1969) has been fanatical about exercise since he saw his first  Bodybuilding show at 11 years old. Little did he know that using his own products would eventually save his life multiple times, and keep him looking and feeling half his age, year after year. Now he is on a mission to save millions of others. You will see his love and passion for his products when you first take it out of the box.

“Age REALLY is just a number. Recreate your body and your health at any age with Bodylastics!”


Multiple Patents

Over the years Bodylastics USA has innovated and pushed Resistance Bands training to new levels. We currently hold multiple patents for several of our products

Top Quality Materials

Bodylastics USA only uses the highest quality materials to create the highest quality products. Better construction ultimately leads to better usability and training

Tested Designs

Unlike many companies that copy a product design and rush it to market Bodylastics staff actually uses their own products! This leads to realtime feedback and improvements for a better experience.

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