Bodylastics Patented Ultra Door Anchor Attachment

This super versatile patented door anchor changed resistance Bands Training forever.

Expand Your Workout Possibilities

Years ago when we started filming workouts online we noticed something very quickly. It was really becoming inconvenient to keep opening and closing the door to move the door anchor. There had to be a better way.

So, we started experimenting with a multiple anchor design that could stay on the door. What we designed eneded up being so good and so effective that we patented it.

Take your Resistance Bands training to the next level with 25 points of connection.

Thread Your Band(S) Through 14 Loops

The 14 Loops make it super easy to attach the bands from the middle of the band.

You will most likely use this setup for most of your exercises.

Every loop has been reinforced for incredible strength and features a neoprene inner lining to protect your bands from unnecessary wear and tear.

Clip Your Band(S) On To 11 D-Rings

For some exercises, clipping directly on to an anchor point (in this case a D-Ring) and using the full length of the band is optimal.

This is different from using a loop since in that case you are stretching half of the band per side.

The Ultraanchor comes with 11 Heavy Gauge D-rings to expand your training possibilities.

Outstanding Features:

Heavy Duty Construction

Everything on this product is robust: the Nylon, Stitching, D rings…Everything! Workout with confidence!

Safe For Your Bands

We sew super soft and durable neoprene inside the Nylon loops which reduces the friction against the latex.

Easy To Set Up and Install

Set-Up is not overly complicated You can have the entire spiderweb design secure on your door in 10 Minutes or less.


**ONLY Recommended for doors wider than 29 inches

**Not Recommended For Hollow or Glass Doors