Top 5 Resistance Bands Lat Exercises For A Wide Back

Hi, I'm Blake Kassel. I'm a Resistance Bands Training expert. I help everyday folks build muscle, and get in the best shape of their lives with elastic bands. Today I want to show you guys the five best Lat exercises with elastic bands to create a big, wide back.

We say “Lat”, but we're really talking about Latissimus Dorsi. That’s that big V-shaped muscle on your back that gives the V-Taper.
To get the most out of any Lat exercise you need to know what the Lat Muscles do. The Lat is the biggest muscle in the back muscle group, and it attaches to the underside of your arm. It acts like a pulley system, pulling your arm down from straight out in front, or top the side.

After recording hundreds of brutal back workouts with exercise bands, I can definitely tell you which ones work best.

Before we get started with the best exercises I want to give you a little tip that is going to make a HUGE difference in your results. This little tip is super simple. Here it is: keep your hands relaxed during the exercises.

You see the the Lat muscle is a pulling muscle, but it’s not alone. There is another muscle group that is involved: the Biceps. If you end up using the Biceps as you pull, then you will not be effectively working and isolating the Lat muscle. For years, I did one arm back row with heavy resistance and all I felt was an arm pump. I never felt my lat muscle until I implemented this trick.

We know that many of you learn better by watching video. If this is the case watch the video version of this blog post HERE

Otherwise, check out the exercises below:


Okay, Let’s go into the first exercise which is the Wide Grip lat pull. Essentially, this exercise is going to mimic a pull up.

Pull ups are universally known for building incredible size, strength and width in the back. The one limitation for this exercise is that you need to use lighter resistance. If you use too much resistance it's going to pull you up right up out of your set position.

Click this link to see all of the details for set up and movement: Resistance Bands Wide Grip lat Pull


This exercise is similar to the one above, however, it's more like a chin up. It’s the Reverse Grip Lat Pull.

In gym class you guys did chin ups, right? This is the same exercise. Similar to the last exercise, this exercise works best with lighter resistance and higher reps, as higher resistance will pull you up out of your set kneeling position.

Find all the details about this exercise here: Exercise Band Reverse Grip Lat Pull


The squatted row. This exercise can be super effective because you will be able to greatly overload your Lats.

Unlike some of the other lat exercises, this one actually anchors your body down, so you can use a great deal of resistance.

Check out the details for this exercise here: Exercise Band Squatted Back Row


This exercise is the Superman Lat Pull, and it solves one of the issues with exercise band training: pulling from straight overhead. Since the bands are anchored to the door for many exercises it is very difficult to get the true feeling of pulling straight down.

Yes, we kind of did that with the first two exercises but kneeling forward can feel awkward and be limiting for some individuals.

This exercise is performed lying, face down. It is great for learning proper form, as the floor forces your arms into proper position.

Since we are only anchored by our stomach on the floor, this exercise also works best with lighter resistance. Click this link to learn proper set up and form: Exercise Band Superman Lat Pulls


The last Lat Exercise for building a wide back is the Kneeling One Arm Lat Pull. Break out an ankle strap for this one. This exercise also enables us to pull from straight overhead but with heavy resistance. Check out the details for this exercise here: Exercise Band Kneeling One Arm Lat Pull
There you go. My picks for the Top 5 Lat Muscles To Build a Wide Back. If you guys want that incredible V-taper, those are the ones to do.

Want to see even more exercises for the back? Go here: Exercise Bands Back Exercises

You guys Rock! Have a great workout!
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