Bodylastics International Inc. is proud to introduce our Patented Snap Guard Technology:

Anti-Snap Technology For Peace Of Mind

Okay, here it is - the Bodylastics feature that sets our resistance bands apart from everything else on the planet.


Since Bodylastics was launched in 1998 we have continually improved the product year after year. Specifically, we have improved the design to address our customers #1 concern and issue: snapping.


Simply stated, it is a ridiculously strong internal "brake" system, which is designed to prevent the # 1 cause of elastic snaps, over-stretching. Snap Guard's purpose is to stop damage to the band, and you in the rare case that it does snap.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know, the Snap Guard concept sounds interesting but you have questions. So, we have added the most common Q&As below:

Basic Questions

Will I Feel It?

If you are using your Bodylastics bands properly, within the "safety zone" you will never know that the Snap Guard is there. However, if you try to stretch a Bodylastics resistance band beyond its capabilities YOU WILL KNOW IT. These bands actually give you feedback. It's almost like our bands are telling you "hey back off a bit! You are about to damage me and I will NOT let you do that".

Will It Limit My Workout?

Absolutely not! We chose a length for the inner cord that would enable the user to perform the best exercises without limitation. It was actually a challenge to determine the right length that would take advantage of Snap Guard without sacrifice, but we found it!

Does It Make The Bands Snap Proof?

No, we cannot make that claim, but they are about as close as you are going to get. The bottom line is that you would have to be REALLY TRYING to break these bands to make that happen.

What Is It Made From?

Each inner cord is made from Dyneema line thread, which is the strongest type of thread available. 

How Strong Is The Inner Cord?

Each inner cord has stopping power of 80 lbs. As you "Stack" them the stopping power increases by 80 lbs. with every band that is added.

What Happens If A Band Does Snap?

In the rare case that a band does snap, your inner cord is there to minimize the risk of injury. If a band snaps each end will simply shorten along the cord. This will prevent the "whipping" effect which could cause the band to hit your body or face.

Workout With Confidence!

Train and work your muscles as hard as you want without the fear of snapping your bands!
Get the ONLY Tube Bands on the planet with this amazing patented technology..
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