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Reverse Lunge With Tube Bands

Area Targeted: Thigh & Butt

If you have trouble with regular lunges using Resistance Bands, then the Reverse Lunge With Tube Bands is the perfect exercise with you. For every rep you will take a big step back as you lower your hips down. This almost ensures that you knee stays behind your toes. Proper form equals better results and less injuries.


Follow the instructions below to perform this exercise:


Anchor: Not required

Bands: Attach a handle to each end of the band(s).

Body Positioning: Stand on the middle of the band(s) with one foot. Now grip a handle in each hand and raise the handles up to your shoulders, with the band(s) behind your shoulders. Start with your feet at hips width apart and stand up tall with your head straight, back straight and chest up.


Step back (with the leg that is not standing on the band) and lower your back knee, until the thigh of your front leg is parallel with the floor. Then press off your heel and return to your starting position. Repeat.


1. Keep your chest up and back straight throughout the movement.

2. Keep your front knee over your toes as you lunge back.

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