The Original Foam, Single Door Anchor Attachment

Back in 1994 the possibilities for securing Resistance Bands to a door were limited.

So, we went to the drawing board and reinvented the door anchor design. The result was a safe and durable design that is gentle on your door and your bands.

Use this component to recreate the best gym exercises almost anyplace that has a door.

Check Out The Features Below:

1. Place At All Sides Of Doors

The large foam end will enable you to place your door anchor at all sides of the door. **Note: doors with very large openings at the bottom should pace the anchor on the hinge side at the bottom

2. Safe For Your Bands

What would be the point of using a door anchor if it damaged your bands? That’s why sew super soft neoprene inside the Nylon loops which reduces the friction against the latex.

3. Heavy Duty Construction

Resistance bands sets are the most powerful slingshots on the planet. So band anchors must be super strong. To increase the strength of our ,we use higher quality materials and stitching

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