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The Bodylastics Heavy Duty Super Wide Resistance Bands Handles attach to the clips on the ends of Bodylastics Bands. They are necessary for many upper and lower body exercises. Each handle is made with a heavy duty ABS core and TPR rubber grips.

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2 – Individual Handles

48 reviews for 2 Handles

  1. Darryl G. (verified owner)

    Most everything Bodylastics makes and offers is great.

  2. William Z. (verified owner)

    Well made, work good!

  3. Ray H. (verified owner)

    Had to try the new handles! These handles are very comfortable with the bulge in the center and enlarged diameter.

  4. Thomas H. (verified owner)

    After about a week of using the new version of the handles, I must say that they are a more comfortable . The enlarged middle section of the handles is a definite improvement over the older version. The larger size ends just seem to enhance the security of the feel in my hands. No complaints from this old man!!!

  5. Susan M. (verified owner)

    Excellent handles. Makes the workout such a pleasure!!

  6. Richard D. (verified owner)

    I upgraded from GoFit to Bodylastics. The quality of the Bodylastics handles is far superior.

    When choosing bands and handles it is very important to get a set that has the big O-ring on the handle and the carabiner clips on the bands rather than the other way around. The GoFit set went back.

  7. Nate R. (verified owner)

    Fast, easy to order. Geat equipment!

  8. Stephen R. (verified owner)

    I needed another set of handles for my workout. They do just what they are supposed to.

  9. Robert L. (verified owner)

    An addition to my Bodylastics set. These are an improvement over my old handles. The old ones are working just fine, just needed another pair.

  10. Steve R. (verified owner)

    Quality product.

  11. Steve R. (verified owner)

    I ordered these as an additional set ! The handles are easy on the hands and the grip
    Is great ! Great product !

  12. Richard S. (verified owner)

    Bought these to add to what I already have . Just another pair so I can do different exercises without stopping and changing bands on handles.

  13. Philip A. (verified owner)

    Best handles hand down.

  14. Philip A. (verified owner)

    The handles and straps are a comfortable design. The straps don't have any rough edges that cut into your wrists like a different brand I owned did.

  15. Philip A. (verified owner)

    The new black plastic like covering is much nicer than the older type. The older sponge like padding tends to hold moisture. Good move!

  16. Philip A. (verified owner)

    2nd set of these handles. Had some other "GOLD" standard ones that were not adequate and once they broke, I ordered these with no hesitation.

  17. Frank T. (verified owner)

    Good strong sturdy handles. Nice colors and great grip

  18. Vincent T. (verified owner)

    Problem with order was quickly rectified
    and correct merchandise was immediately shipped.
    Good job everyone !

  19. Jonni T. (verified owner)

    After receiving and using the first order I am really impressed with the quality of their products. Purchased additional handles, door anchors, and band which facilitated more time working out by cutting down on the setup time for the muscle group worked on.

  20. Colton D. (verified owner)

    Your products are simply the best as is Jason!!

  21. Mark L. (verified owner)


  22. Nora S. (verified owner)

    Very durable handles, and comfortable feel. Great product!

  23. Paul P. (verified owner)

    Very well made and the grip is perfect!

  24. David T. (verified owner)

    Fast easy service and shipping.

  25. Wendy G. (verified owner)

    Easy to order, and timely delivery.

  26. Anthony V. (verified owner)

    wider handles than on other brands i've used means less chafing on wrists when doing pushing exercises like french presses, etc The grips are comfortable on the hands & "fit" properly.

  27. Christopher N. (verified owner)

    Great quality!! As soon as you wrap your hand around it you feel the difference. Can get a real good grip with no slippage.

  28. Christopher N. (verified owner)

    Very well made

  29. Marcus P. (verified owner)

    Handles are heavy duty and very comfortable.

  30. Steven P. (verified owner)

    Long time user and believer in Bodylastic products. Hands down the best!

  31. Roger F. (verified owner)

    Sturdy handles with a nice grip.

  32. Roger F. (verified owner)

    The handle is vastly improved. The grip has a stronger hold and the blue end help to keel the hands centered of over head movements. Commercial quality feel.

  33. Roger F. (verified owner)

    sturdy, easy to hold, well-made

  34. Andrew H. (verified owner)

    They were delivered fast and they are an additional set so I can try and keep up with Blake on Eternity Warrior. Transforming my 2 week from 68 year old body.
    Thank you!

  35. Debra P. (verified owner)

    I really like how solid the handle feels. The handles are easier to hold then my last bands and that makes the work out easier on my hands!

  36. Luis H. (verified owner)

    Great handles my kid was cleaning out garage and busted an old band and thru it out with the handles. You guys were out of stock and ordered another brand and although decent not near as good quality as yours. I have bought two sets of bodylastics and only had one break because it was left out in the garage for a few years and got brittle.

  37. James B. (verified owner)

    The quality is apparent in the materials used to make this items. The grip is comfortable and strong

  38. Peter (verified owner)

    These are the without a doubt the best handles on the market, the grip feels oh so nice üëç thanks Blake

  39. Dayna Z. (verified owner)

    The Handles have a great griping material and are wider for large hands.

  40. David W. (verified owner)

    my original kit had only 2 such handles. getting 2 more made transitions from one exercise to the next much faster/easier.

  41. Erika R. (verified owner)

    Having extra handles makes it faster changing to a different exercise where different size bands are used.

  42. Frank C. (verified owner)

    great handles – they are replacing the ones that came with the set I purchased years ago from bodylastics

  43. Malcolm N. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I thought an extra pair of handles would make it easier to shift between bands, and I was right. I plan on ordering one or two more sets. The price including shipping was very good, and my order arrived very quickly.

  44. Andrew R. (verified owner)

    get a great workout wherever you want! Easy to set up and take with you

  45. Randy G. (verified owner)

    I own a very early set of Bodylastics bands and handles. Over the years I've bought a few other brands, but getting more serious now, I decided to check out their system again, one of the only ones I've found the clips on. The new handles and bands designs are better than anything else I have, so I'm now replacing the rest of my system with the new and improved, high quality handles and bands. Great product, great quality.

  46. Kevin M. (verified owner)

    Having 2 sets of handles is a must as I leave one on the door and the other connected to a band for exercises not needed using the door anchor.

  47. David S. (verified owner)

    I am a Boot Camp instructor and they are an excellent addition. Well-made and professional. I'm very happy with everything so far

  48. Tom S. (verified owner)

    I decided to have an extra set of handles because I was tired of trading of handles for other bands. I never considered the quality good or bad. I already have a set and decided I needed another set. That is all.

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