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Standing Abs Crunch With Bands

Area Targeted: Middle Abs

Standing Abs Crunch with Tube Bands is an alternative to the Lying Resisted Crunch. This exercise is a bit awkward as you basically fold your body down on itself against the tension, bringing your Rib Cage towards your pelvis. Regardless it can be a great option to mix up your routine and keep it fresh.



Anchor: Secure the band(s) to the door with the door anchor at the top of the door.

Bands: No adjustment required.

Body Positioning: Grip a side of the band(s) in each hand, and stand close to the door with your back to the door. Grip the band(s) high enough so that even while you are standing up straight, they are beginning to stretch.


Crunch your body down bringing your rib cage towards your pelvis. Return to the starting position. Repeat.


1. Do not bend forward at your waist as you crunch down.

2. Exhale as your crunch down.


Standing Abs Twist


Resisted Abs Crunch

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