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Decline Wide Fly Push Up With Bands

Area Targeted: Upper/Middle Chest

The Decline Wide Fly Pushup With Resistance Tube Bands is a great variation if you want to take the difficulty level up a notch. This exercise adds some more difficulty to the Standard Wide Fly Push Ups. Since your Legs are in an elevated position you increase the weight load on your upper body.



Anchor: Not required.

Bands: No adjustment required. Wrap the band(s) around your body so that the band(s) are around your back.

Body Positioning: Lay on the floor and place your palms over the band(s), on each side, so that there is no slack. Your hands should be about 29 inches apart with fingers pointed out (away from your body). Elevate your feet by about 12 inches by placing them on a chair or other stable, higher support. Keep your back straight, legs straight and head straight.


Push off the floor and raise your body until your arms are straight. Return to the starting position (controlling the resistance). Repeat.


1. Do not let your buttocks push up or sag down during the movement. Your body should be straight, like a board from your head to your feet.

2. When you lower your body, stop when your upper arms are parallel with the floor.


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