Best Resistance
Bands Workouts

Way back in 2008 we were looking for a way to give our customers a better experience with our Resistance Bands Products. We had tried the workout programs that were blowing up the TV. They were good. We knew we could do it better! So, we built a studio and began streaming LIVE Resistance Bands Workouts in 2009. We were shocked at how well they worked...You will be too!

The Bodylastics Workouts Story:


When we began filming  in 2009 our goal was to make the viewer feel like they were right in the studio and the instructor was their workout partner. It worked! Join us!


“Our equipment & workouts literally saved my life. They will save yours too!”

Little did I know when I invented the first Resistance Bands System in 1996 that I would set the wheels in motion to change my life, and millions of others.

Inventing and selling these incredible Resistance Training systems led me to eventually take control of my own health, with my own product. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would look and feel the way that I do so many years later.

After leading over 1600 workouts online with Bodylastics I can tell you will 100% conviction that our resistance bands products and workouts will bring you back from the brink, and make you feel unstoppable at any age. JOIN US!

The Results...


Bigger, Stronger Muscles

You cannot train with resistance bands, the way you do with free weights. You must exploit and harness their advantages. We cracked this code - now you can too!


You'll feel accountable

We shoot all of our workouts with a camera person that brings you into the action. No static tripods allowed here! Then we combine that with a format that is raw and real. These two create a connection between you and the instructor. This connection will bring you back day after day.


You'll Workout Harder

Our instructors aren't just talking you through the workouts, they are actually doing every session right by your side.  Their job is to Push themselves, and you to the limit. They set the bar high to give you something to work towards.