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Assisted Situps With Bands

Area Targeted: Middle Abs

If you are still building up to doing regular sit-ups, or your abs are just to fatigued to do any more reps, then you want to do Assisted Sit Ups With Tube Bands. This exercise is amazing because it actually lets you perform the movement while gently assisting you by pulling your body back up to the upright position.



Anchor: Secure the band(s) to the door with the door anchor at knee height.

Bands: No adjustment required.

Body Positioning: Grip the handles, or the band itself (right above the nylon from the clips), and lie on your back, with your feet 3 to 4 feet away from the door. Your feet should be flat on the floor and legs bent, with knees up and about 6 inches apart. Position your arms so that they are bent, with your hands together, above your hips. Start with your shoulder blades a couple of inches off the floor.


Raise your upper body until it is perpendicular with the floor. Return to the starting position. Repeat.


1. Keep your arms bent at the same angle throughout the movement.

2. Keep your head straight, back straight and chest up.


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