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Way back in 2008 we were looking for a way to give our customers a better experience with our Resistance Bands Products. We had tried the resistance bands workout programs that were blowing up the TV. They were good. We knew we could do it better! So, we built a studio and began streaming LIVE Resistance Bands Workouts in 2009. We were shocked at how well they worked...You will be too!

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Bodylastics features over 40 different workout shows For Muscle Building, Cardio and Flexibility. Every week we stream LIVE STUDIO workouts that are automatically added into our archive of OVER 5000!! You will NEVER get bored of the workouts here!


Our Muscle Building Workouts with Resistance Bands harness the advantages of Resistance Bands. Used the right way, bands build muscle BETTER than with any other type of resistance.
(This is just a small sample)
resistance bands workout
Advanced Full Body Muscle Building
resistance bands workout
Intermediate Full Body Muscle Building
resistance bands workout
Beginner Full Body Muscle Building
pilates resistance bands workout
Traditional Reformer Style Pilates
eight pack resistance bands workout
Advanced Abs Muscle Building
golf resistance bands workout
Muscle Building Specifically For Golf


Our Cardio Workouts with Resistance Bands takes Aerobic & Endurance routines to a place where they have NEVER gone before! Burn Calories, Burn Fat, Sweat Buckets, and have a blast!
(This is just a small sample)
resistance bands workout
Advanced HIIT Cardio Training
resistance bands workout
Intermediate HIIT Cardio Training
power training
Football Style Power Cardio Training
Kenpo Cardio Kickboxing
Cardio HIIT Toning Routines
resistance bands workout
High Intensity Bodyweight Training


Our Flexibility workouts are great for stretching and relieving sore muscles from the Strength and Cardio Workouts. You will feel amazing after every class!
(This is just a small sample)
Advanced Yoga For Athletes
resistance bands workout
Quick 10 Minute Stretch Routines
resistance bands workout
Advanced Yoga For Athletes

Site Features:

Never workout alone again!

Your experience HERE will be different! The goal was to make you feel like our instructors are right by your side, and your real life workouts partners. It worked! Add this to our interactive community and you will feel like you're part of something...something BIG...Something AMAZING!

Guided programs (Series)

All of our Workout shows have episodes that are organized into 2, 3, and 4 week programs. Certain shows take it a step further and are designed like classic Bodybuilder splits. So, you will work each muscle group the optimal number of times to produce maximal results. Mark workouts done to follow the schedule and track your progress.

Workouts for bodies over 35

Interval Training can reverse and slow aging. You can't do this with weights due to risk of injury, especially if you are over 35. You CAN with Resistance Bands and Bodyweight! The results from this combination are INSANE. That's why we created the Eternity Warrior Fit Program (resistance bands workout) (included!) By the way, that's Blake Kassel, Bodylastics founder in the pic ;). He was born in 1969 - Do the math!

What our workout family is saying

  • I have been working out with this system for several years now and have never been in better shape and more consistent with a fitness routine. At home, or when I am on the road Bodylastics is always there for me.
    John F.
  • My husband and I love Bodylastics! Been using the workouts for 7-8 years I think?!? Favorite show is Chiseled Cardio! My husband loves that program as well as Chiseled. You can’t find the variety of workouts anywhere else.
    Karen A.
  • For me, Bodylastics is a lifestyle. I don't even considered them workouts anymore. I never stayed at a gym longer then 6 months. Been here and actually workout out, for 6 years. The workouts are interesting, exciting and always new.
    Rich M.
  • Yesterday, many of the people on our team were talking about how sore their arms were…Not mine! They felt like I had done a typical, hard work out with Bodylastics. Thanks for pushing us week in and week out!
    Dustin O.
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