We Had Given Up

Since 1998, the team at Bodylastics knew that while we were selling products to help people feel better, we were only covering one side of the health equation. Yes, our customers were feeling better from the outside in, but what about their insides?

We tried product after product, even recommended some, but ultimately they never lived up to our standards. Most had Artificial ingredients and questionable benefits. There had to be something better!

Then we hit the jackpot! We met and teamed up with a functional Nutritionist who specialized in providing the highest quality Nutritional programs and Supplements offered anywhere. Her name is Nicole Andrews.

Meet Nicole Andrews

Co-Founder Of Eternity Warrior

“I spent over 20 years helping people to feel better without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Reducing inflammation, healing irritable bowels, increasing energy, they are ALL POSSIBLE! This is what we proudly offer. It took me years to find the right companies to manufacture our incredible supplements. We actually take these supplements ourselves because they are the BEST! Try them yourself and you will feel the same - we promise!“

Premium Nutrition & Wellness Challenges

The Team here at Bodylastics couldn't find nutritional supplements and programs that matched the quality of our bands...So we treamed up and created our own! Bodylastics proudly introduces and recommends Eternity Warrior Wellness challenges and Alchemetics Supplements.
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