Band New Resistance Bands Cleaner/Conditioner & Restorer

Use BAND NEW Resistance Bands Cleaner to make your resistance bands look BRAND NEW

This Is How You Clean Your Resistance Bands The Right Way!

There is a great NEW way to make your resistance bands look Shiney, Bright, and Brand new. During use, Resistance bands get scuffed, dirty and often covered in white talc powder. This white powder is part of the manufacturing process and comes to the surface. Strip the talc layer to reveal the original color of your bands with just one application of Non-Toxic Band New.
The Resistance Bands Cleaner, Conditioner and Restorer is the best way to keep your bands in top condition! To use, simply apply the solution to the applicator, then apply it to the latex. The gel can be left to dry or wiped off with a rag. Our restorative blend has been designed to be easy to apply quickly and efficiently. Keeping your band looking brand new is easy with "Band New"!
See It In Action:


Resistance Bands Cleaner

Easy To Apply

Place some "Band New" liquid on the included applicator and then rub on the band(s). Make sure to cover all visible areas of the band. Let the solution soak in for a minute and then wipe off with a towel
Resistance Bands Cleaner

Amazing Results

You will be shocked at how well the Band New solution works to bring your Resistance Bands back to life. After just one application the latex will look like they did when first you took then out of the box.
Non Toxic Resistance Bands Cleaner


Some latex treatments use scary chemicals. One of the best features about THIS super effective Resistance Bands cleaner/conditioner/restorer is that it is non-toxic. No fumes, no smell and no irritation to your skin.

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