One Arm Preacher Curls With Resistance Bands

One Arm Preacher Curls With Resistance Bands

Area Targeted: Biceps

Set up:

Anchor: Not required

Bands: Wrap the band(s) once around the foot on the same side of your active arm, and the attach both ends of the band(s) to one handle. Grip the handle with the hand of your active arm.

Body Positioning: Keep your back flat, head straight and chest up. Position your non-active arm across your body, with the back of your non-active hand stabilizing your active elbow. Your active arm should be almost totally straight (there should still be a very slight bend) with palm facing forward.

Movement: Pull the handle(s) and bend your arm until your hand is at chest height.

Points To Remember:

1. Make sure to get full range of motion throughout the movement.


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