Latissimus Dorsi Rolling With A Foam Roller

Latissimus Dorsi Rolling With A Foam Roller

Area Targeted: Latissimus Dorsi

Roller to Body Position: Make a letter "T" with your body and the foam roller - the roller should be perpendicular to your body

Set up/Starting Position: Lie on your right side and extend your right arm along the floor (as shown). Position the roller just below your right armpit. Your left arm should be bent and in front of your body with your left hand on the floor for support.

Roll: Roll down, away from your armpit until the roller is just above your waist. Now reverse, and slowly roll the other direction to your starting position. Repeat. When you finished with the right side, change positions and repeat on the left side.

Points To Remember:

1. Point the thumb of your extended arm up towards the ceiling (this will help pre-stretch your lats).


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