Butt Rolling With a Foam Roller

Butt Rolling With a Foam Roller

Area Targeted: Butt (Gluteus Maximus)

Roller to Body Position: Make a letter "T" with your body and the foam roller - the roller should be perpendicular to your body

Set up/Starting Position: Sit on the floor and position the roller under your butt. Keep your hands flat on the floor behind you, for support. Now, bend your left leg with your left foot flat on the floor. Keep your right leg straight. Tilt your body to the right, so your right cheek bears the brunt of your weight.

Roll: Move your right cheek and forth across the roller (the movement small, only a few inches of travel). When you finished with the right side, change positions and repeat on the left side.

Points To Remember:

1. Use your arms and shoulders to help you roll


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