Standing One Arm Back Row With Bands

Area Targeted: Outer Back

If you have never felt your Lats working during a rowing exercise, you will now! Doing the Standing one Arm Back Row With Resistance Tube Bands isolates and works the Lats (Your V-Taper or Wing Back Muscles) like nothing else. Do this exercise multiple times a week Build incredible back strength and width FAST!

Learn set-up, movements and points to remember below:

Set Up

Anchor: Secure the band(s) to the door with the door anchor at stomach height.

Bands: Attach both ends of the band(s) to one handle, and grip the handle with one hand.

Body Positioning: Stand 3 to 4 feet away from the door while facing the door. Position your feet with a wide stance, bend your legs and keep your back and head straight. Start with your palm facing in and arm straight out in front of you (pointed towards the door anchor).


Pull the handle back until your elbow is right below your shoulder. Return to the starting position (controlling the resistance). Repeat.

Points To Remember

1. Keep your arm tight to your body (do not flare the elbows outward).

2. Try to keep your forearm parallel with the floor as you pull back.

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