One Arm Forward Triceps Extension With Bands

Area Targeted: Triceps

One Arm Forward Triceps Extension is a great exercise that not only works your Triceps, but improves other muscle groups and motor functions as well. It is important to occasionally work your arms individually to improve the isolation of the muscles, increase core strength, and limb control.

Learn set-up, movements and points to remember below:

Set Up

Anchor: Secure the band(s) to the door with the door anchor at chest height.

Bands: Attach both ends of the band(s) to one handle, and grip the handle with one hand.

Body Positioning: Stand about 3 feet from the door, with your back to the door. Stagger your legs, with one leg in front. Start with your active arm up at parallel with the floor, and place the top of your inactive hand underneath your active arm, for stability. Your active hand should be close to your head at eye level.


Push the handle forward and straighten your arm.

Points To Remember

1. Keep your upper arm parallel with the floor throughout the movement

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