Anchored Standing Leg Abduction With Loop Bands

Area Targeted: Outer Thigh

Different exercises feel different for everyone. If you are looking to work your outer thigh, then you need to try Anchored Standing Leg Abduction With Loop Bands. This exercise will feel much different from the non-anchored variation. You might like this one better, so give it a shot. Be sure to use a Loop Bands door anchor.

Learn set-up, movements and points to remember below:

Set Up

Anchor: Secure the door anchor at the bottom of the door.

Bands: Attach the band to the door anchor.

Body Positioning: Place the band around the ankle of your active leg. Stand 3 to 4 feet away from the door with your non-active leg closest to the door, and a couple of inches behind the active leg. Keep your back straight, head straight, chest up, and hands on hips.


Pull your active leg out to the side until it creates a 45 degree angle with the floor. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat.

Points To Remember

1. Keep your active leg straight throughout the range of motion.

2. Visualize pulling the resistance from your heel.

3. If needed, position a chair for stability.