• 15 Series

    10 Minute Abs

    Don't have time for abs workouts? Well, now you do! Simply follow along with these amazing 10 Minute Ab Workout Video classes. Use your Resistance Band and Bodyweight to challenge ALL of the Abs Muscles multiple times a week, and watch as your midsection gets tighter, stronger and more muscular.
  • 5 Series

    10 Minute Arms

    Tornado Arms is a quick arm workout show that is designed to work your arms muscles to the max in only 10 minutes. You will literally be shocked at how pumped your Biceps and Triceps will be after each fast and furious session.
  • 1 Series

    10 Minute Arms Dumbbells

    This intense Dumbbell Arm Workout series is designed to work your guns to the max in only 10 minutes. Best of all do these routines anywhere, at any time with Dumbbells. You will literally be shocked at how pumped your Biceps and Triceps will be after each fast and furious session.
  • 3 Series

    10 Minute Back

    The Tornado Back workout at home can be essential for creating a strong and healthy back. A strong back is a healthy back. Only the basic and proven movements are incorporated into each episode. These back workouts are presented in a format that is perfect for all exercise levels.
  • 5 Series

    10 Minute Bodyweight

    If you need a Home Bodyweight Workout Bodylastics offers an amazing short form Body Weight class that will work your body harder than most sessions that are 3 times as long. Our Tornado Body Weight workouts only require 10 minutes.
  • 2 Series

    10 Minute Booty

    To create a killer Butt Workout you need to design short but intense routines that combine the best exercises to target the Glutes. We know this at Bodylastics which is why we created these 10 Minute Booty Classes. Add these classes into your schedule 2 to 3 times per week for incredible visible results. You will not believe how well these classes work at tightening and building your backside.
  • 1 Series

    10 Minute Butt

    Everyone wants a great backside, right? There's only way to get a great Derriere, and that is by following the best butt lift workout classes to target the Glutes (Gluteus Maximus). Bodylastics has created classes that incorporate the best Butt exercises: 10 Minute Tornado Butt.
  • 3 Series

    10 Minute Chest

    Develop an incredible chest with the Bodylastics 10 Minute Tornado Chest Workout At Home. Chest muscles are not easy to build. They will only grow with a top-notch routine, and workout consistency. This show packs 30 mins of muscle training into a workout that requires 1/3 the time.
  • 1 Series

    10 Minute Chest Dumbbells

    Develop an incredible Chest by following the Bodylastics 10 Minute Dumbbell Chest Workout. Chest muscles are not easy to build, they will only grow with top-notch routines, workout consistency, and the right equipment. These shows pack 30 mins of muscle training into Dumbbell routines that require 1/3 the time. Get ready for the incredible pump!
  • 2 Series

    10 Minute Core Bench

    Ab Bench Workouts are limited, right? An ab bench is only a piece of equipment to do some brief Abs work. NOT TRUE! You will get an amazing core AND cardio workout with these LIVEex Tornado Ab Bench Workout classes. Use your Abs Bench in ways that you never imagined.
  • 7 Series

    10 Minute HIIT

    If you are squeezed for time but need a HIIT Workout At home, Bodylastics has a workout show for you – Tornado HIIT! Our 10 Min HIIT workouts challenge your body by utilizing short, intense bursts of activity. Burn calories long after the workout ends
  • 4 Series

    10 Minute HIIT Weights

    If you are squeezed for time but need a HIIT Workout At home, Bodylastics has a workout show for you – Tornado HIIT! Our 10 Min HIIT workouts challenge your body by utilizing short, intense bursts of activity followed by short moments of rest. Studies prove that workouts like this will force your body to burn calories long after the workout ends. You MUST try these!
  • 1 Series

    10 Minute Jump Rope

    Can you get an outstanding workout with just a jump rope? Well, you’re about to find out! Jumping rope by yourself can be effective but it’s super boring!! We change ALL OF THAT! Follow along with our top instructors as they mix jumping rope with the best of the best cardio moves.
  • 2 Series

    10 Minute Knee

    Do all of the best knee strengthening exercises with the Tornado Knee series, HERE on Bodylastics. Many of these movements are the same exact movements that are utilized in physical therapy. Fit these sessions into your schedule 2 to 3 times per week for better knee health. Start today!
  • 3 Series

    10 Minute Legs

    You need Leg Workout at home? We have leg workouts for you to do at home! You have probably been taught that to build your legs you need to spend an hour in the gym. That used to be true. Not anymore! These super effective routines take 10 minutes!
  • 1 Series

    10 Minute Legs Dumbbells

    Do you need a great Leg Dumbbell Workout? Bodylastics has just what you need! You have probably been taught that to build your legs you need to spend hours in the gym. That used to be true. Not anymore! These super effective Dumbbell Routines take only 10 minutes! Feel the burn today and the soreness tomorrow.
  • 3 Series

    10 Minute Shoulders

    Get a top-notch shoulder workout at home wityh your workout partners at Bodylastics. Bodylastics presents the 10 Minute Tornado Shoulder workout series. These amazing short form resistance-training sessions will enable you to safely and effectively work your shoulders.
  • 4 Series

    10 Minute Stretch

    If your muscles and joints feel achy or tight, you need a great Home Stretch Class. These Tornado Stretch classes take you through the safest and most effective stretches for every muscle group. Add 2 to 3 of these sessions a week to increase your flexibility and mobility.
  • 7 Series

    10 Minute Toning

    Life has become super busy. That’s why we created the 10 Min Toning workout series. Fit these amazing body toning workouts into your day, regardless of how full your schedule has become. Toning your body can be achieved by staying consistent. NOW YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES.
  • 2 Series

    10 Minute Total Body

    If you need to work ALL of your muscles on a consistent basis, but in less time, this Full Body Resistance Band workout is for YOU! It is pur super fast and super effective 10 Min Total Body show. Use resistance bands to bring all of your major muscle groups to exhaustion.
  • 1 Series

    10 Minute WOD

    Get a great Crossfit Style Workout Wod At Home in just 10 Minutes when you follow along with the 10 Minute WODs on Bodylastics. Many LIVEex members who are pressed for time prefer this type of WOD because it's 1/3 the time of a full length routine.
  • 1 Series

    30-Day Back Challenge

    Everyone has a weak muscle group. For many of us, it’s our Back. That’s why we created the 30 Days To A Bigger Back With Bands Challenge. Follow along every day for a quick and intense Back training burst to add some serious strength and size. Wan’t a back like a Bat? Start HERE!
  • 1 Series

    30-Day Biceps Challenge

    We always wondered what would happen if we worked our Biceps every day for a month. The goal would be to add some serious muscle size to the top of our arms. How’d it turn out? Well, we don’t want to spoil the ending but YOU WILL BE VERY PLEASED! Start this one Today!!
  • 1 Series

    30-Day Chest Challenge

    If you want a Big, impressive Chest, you need to put in the work! That means you have to train your Pecs hard and train them often. This 30-Days To A Bigger Chest With Bands Challenge takes away all of the guesswork. See AMAZING changes as you work the muscles EVERY DAY with the best strategies!
  • 2 Series

    Bands Bar Workout

    Just when you thought that Resistance Bands Training couldn't get any better, it does!! Don't believe it? Try one of these Resistance Band Bar Workouts. Adding a curl bar to your bands training will give it a whole new element. Certain exercises will just feel better and even more effective. Follow along with these 30 minute full body routines to feel the burn and see the results!
  • 2 Series

    Barre Blitz

    Barre Workout Classes have been popular with women that want to tone up and slim down. Borrowing many movements from Ballet and Pilates, these classes are designed to strengthen the legs, Arms, Abs and more. We offer amazing Barre classes that you can do right from home. These classes are designed to tighten and tone your muscles FAST.
  • 2 Series

    Baseball Training

    Increase your speed, power and stamina for Baseball, with the Baseball Workout series on Bodylastics. This is not your typical Calisthenics or resistance training routine. All of the workouts HERE recreate the actual movements from the game.
  • 17 Series


    If you like the idea of doing a Boot Camp Workout, but can't make it to a local program, Bodylastics has the solution: BCX Boot Camp. BCX is all about variety - combining the most effective training styles possible to burn fat and sculpt muscle all in one workout.
  • 4 Series

    Bench & Barbell

    You just assembled your bench and barbell set, now what? Forget the guess work and join in on the Barbell Workouts HERE at LIVEexercise. Better results are guaranteed. All you need is your bench, a barbell and some weight plates. Follow along on your TV or from one of our apps, and leave the rest to us.
  • 2 Series

    Body By B

    What happens when you combine Pilates and Mat Pilates moves with a small fitness ball and elastic bands? You get a Toning, Sculpting, and Firming workout that is second to none! This workout was so popular and effective in studios around Boca Raton Florida area that we knew we had add it to the Bodylastics mix. Legs, Butt, Arms, Core - you will work them all. Feel the burn...SEE the results!
  • 12 Series


    Who says that you need equipment to build an incredible body? Not Bodylastics! We offer a cutting edge Bodyweight workout routine that will force your body to change with the best plyometrics and calisthenics movements. Try an episode today!
  • 2 Series


    If you are looking good cardio workouts at home, and you are a beginner, Cardiolite is what you need! These high energy sessions are designed to help you start at an easier pace. Jump into your first workout today to burn calories, improve your mood, and feel better!
  • 40 Series

    Chiseled Cardio

    What would the best online workout site be without incredible fat burning workouts? Trim down and build endurance with Chiseled Cardio, an intense calorie and fat burning workout, that is incorporates Plyometrics, Calisthenics and resistance bands.
  • 45 Series

    Chiseled Dumbbells

    What good are dumbbells if you don’t have a great Dumbbell Workout Routine? Bodylastics offers one of the best dumbbell workout shows available called Chiseled Dumbbells. You've never used your dumbbells like this! Use the most effective and safest muscle building strategies available.
  • 83 Series

    Chiseled Fast

    If you are looking for The Best Resistance Bands Workouts for building your muscles, look no further! Bodylastics hosts one of the greatest Resistance Bands Muscle Building Workout Shows on the planet called "Chiseled". It is designed to leverage the advantages of elastic resistance. These Chiseled workouts are listed as "Fast" because they move quicker with shorter rest times, and there is less talking in between exercises. If you want minimal Chit Chat during the workouts and want a faster pace this is the way to go.
  • 1 Series

    Chiseled Lite

    If you are not ready for the super intense "Chiseled" Muscle building workouts, we have a solution for you! It's a workout class called "Chiseled Lite", and it was launched as an onboarding experience. These workouts are actual "Chiseled" style routines however they are less physically demanding and are more geared towards the Beginner and Intermediate exercisers. Do three or more of these series and then jump into full blown "Chiseled"! Let's do this!
  • 86 Series

    Chiseled Slow

    If you are looking for The Best Resistance Bands Workouts for building your muscles, look no further! Bodylastics hosts one of the greatest Resistance Bands Muscle Building Workout Shows on the planet called "Chiseled". It is designed to leverage the advantages of elastic resistance. These Chiseled workouts are listed as "Slow" because they move slower and there is more talking in between exercises. If you want a little more Chit Chat during the workouts and want a slower pace this is the way to go.
  • 3 Series

    Chiseled Yoga

    Can yoga build some strength? Sure, some. However, when we considered creating a Chiseled Yoga show we had to make it crazy effective for building strength and muscle beyond traditional Yoga, You will Hit poses and you will do reps. Best of all you will get stronger FASTER. Bring a towel for this one!
  • 7 Series


    Get your Resistance Bands and a partner (You can actually do the workouts without a partner) and follow along with these amazing Couples Workout sessions. Steve and Bonnie, your instructors will push you beyond your limits with fast and super effective routines. Feel the burn as both of you perform the best exercises, and work together for the same common goal: to look and feel your best!
  • 6 Series

    Dueling Treadmills

    The Dueling Treadmill, HIIT Treadmill Workout series is unlike any Treadmill Routine that you have done before. Our pro instructors will show you new ways to use your treadmill with creative exercises and intervals to change your appearance FAST. Work your heart as you work your muscles at the same time.
  • 1 Series

    Dumbbells 101

    If you are brand new to dumbbells training, or are just getting back into it, START with this beginner dumbbell workout. The Dumbbells 101 shows gets back to the basics. No fancy routines here, just classic Bodybuilder splits to build muscle and motor coordination.
  • 26 Series

    Eight Pack

    You have NEVER experienced an Abs Workout At Home like this. The Bodylastics Abs workout show is called Eight Pack and it harnesses the muscle building properties of resistance bands to work your abs into a frenzy. 30 minutes of exercises per session will force your abs to change!
  • 21 Series


    If you are following along with the body changing workouts on Bodylastics, then you need to stay limber. Flexibility is designed as a Flexibility workout for athletes. Open up your joints and increase flexibility in each super effective 25 minutes session.
  • 2 Series

    Golf Workout

    Can you train to increase your drives on the links?? Heck yes, but you need to use the right equipment, and follow the right routines. That’s why we hired a top instructor from South Florida that helps Golfers improve their game. He wrote and led all of these super effective workouts with Resistance Bands. Let’s do this!
  • 1 Series

    Half Rack

    Your Half Rack is a complete gym! Follow along with these amazing Half Rack Workout routines to work your entire body to the extreme. These types of routines create the results that you are looking for: Stronger Muscles, Leaner Muscles, Bigger Muscles! Start using your half rack today!
  • 8 Series


    Workouts To Burn Fat must speed up your metabolism, and burn a ton of calories. Well, you will get just what the Doctor ordered with this appropriately named workout series, "Heat!" These classes mix Plyometrics movements with rapid Bodyweight exercises to get your heart rate up quickly and then keep it there. Bring a towel and your mojo for these!!
  • 3 Series

    HIIT Box

    Straight from the top heavy bag clubs in Boca Raton comes HIIT Box, a body changing heavy bag workout! This amazing workout format combines Interval Heavy Bag Kickbox training and resistance training. Burn calories and become a bad *ss!!
  • 20 Series

    Kenpo Kickboxing

    Do you want to kick and punch harder? Kick and punch faster? Heck, just look better? If you answered yes, then you need some serious Cardio Kickboxing Classes. Our pro instructors take no prisoners during these high energy sessions, that are designed to produce results.
  • 4 Series

    Kettle Better

    Blast your muscles and increase strength and power with Kettle Better, the Best Kettlebell Workout! Each class is Based on the RKC principles and takes about 20 minutes. That is all that you'll need! earn proper form while you struggle, sweat and improve!. Join us!
  • 8 Series

    Kettlebell Fusion

    If you are looking for a Kettlebell Cardio Workout to get stronger and burn fat, the Kettllebell Fusion workouts will do just that! We combined the benefits of Kettlebell training with high intensity cardio movements to effectively burn fat, burn calories and build muscle.
  • 2 Series

    Kettlebell Workout

    Our Bodylastics members asked us for a great Kettlebell workout routine and we listened, so here it is: Bodylastics Kettlebells. Follow along with our pro instructor, and work your body to the max in less than 30 minutes. You will be shocked by the results!
  • 3 Series


    Have you been looking for Beginner Workouts, but found that in the end most shows are too difficult or stressful on your joints? Look no further, because Bodylastics has Launchpad Stage 1! Our instructor takes you through fun routines that include exercises from a seated position.
  • 4 Series

    LeX Training Endurance

    Can a Home Crossfit Style Wod be as good as a Wod at a cross training gym. Big Time! These LEX endurance workouts are the exact same type of workout that you will find and do at a warehouse Box. The routines are insane, the results are insane!
  • 3 Series

    LeX Training Hardcore

    Have you been wondering what all of the hype is about with the popular Crossfit Style Workouts. You know the ones where you travel to a warehouse and do Olympic Style lifts in a group setting? Now you can do those exact workouts in your own home with LEX training hardcore!
  • 1 Series

    Loop Band Workout

    This resistance band workout video uses one of the most effective types of bands: Loop resistance bands. In each high energy class you will work your Inner and Outer Legs, Back, Shoulders and arms to exhaustion. Work super hard to force adaptation and change.
  • 5 Series

    Mat Pilates

    If you want the long and lean muscles that come with Pilates workouts, but do not have equipment, we have a class for you: Mat Pilates! Bodylastics takes traditional Mat Pilates and kicks it up a notch. All of the exercises are chosen because they are the toughest and most effective.
  • 1 Series


    Get ready to fight! Train the Bodylastics MMA way, with our amazing MMA Workout series. Follow along with coaches and fighters who are actually active in MMA. If you want to last in the ring, you need to be in incredible physical shape. You will be after these workouts. Do the same drills as the pros with the most effective type of tension: Resistance Bands
  • 3 Series

    Mobility Movement

    Move and feel better after completing each amazing Mobility Movement class. Every one of these Mobility Workout Classes focuses on increasing mobility for the major joints of the body. Use common mobility tools like foam rollers, muscle recovery sticks and strecth sticks.
  • 1 Series

    Multi Gym

    So, you got your multigym all set what? You need to put on your workout clothes and do some Multigym Workouts :) Don't let that amazing machine become another clothes hanger. Fire up these super effective full body routines to get the most our of your equipment.
  • 4 Series

    Not So Serious Yoga

    If you have always wanted to try Yoga, but are not ready for a super serious, extra long class, then this Bodylastics Yoga 101 For Beginners format is for you. We call it "Not So Serious Yoga" for a reason. Steve and Christina, your instructors/workout partners will take you through the basic poses in a shorter form, light hearted class. You will feel less tight and amazing after every the very first session.
  • 11 Series


    If you are looking for lean and long muscles, then the Bodylastics Pilates Workout Classes are for you! Pilates is a system of exercises that are graceful and effective. The Pilates classes on Bodylastics will enable you to get an amazing Pilates workout, almost anywhere.
  • 2 Series

    Playtime Pros

    Are your kids getting restless at home? Too much energy? We have the solution: Playtime PROS! These amazing kids routines will keep them engaged and having a blast while the burn off calories and a TON of energy.
  • 2 Series

    Playtime Rookies

    Are your Younger Children 6 to 9 getting restless at home? Too much energy? We have the solution: Playtime Rookies! These amazing kids routines will keep them engaged and having a blast while the burn off calories and a TON of energy.
  • 3 Series

    Power Tower

    Your Power tower is SO Much more than just a pull up, and dip bar station. You can create amazing full body Power Tower Workout routines. Let Us show you how. Build your Back, Chest, arms and more with these full length, follow along video sessions.
  • 3 Series

    Power Training

    Resistance bands are amazing at building muscle on your frame, but did you know that they are equally as amazing at building endurance. Yes, we have cardio shows on the Bodylastics site that have pioneered cardio training. However, there is one that you may not know about, and it is called "Power Training". This workout mimics the movements from the football field, and it is NOTHING like you have ever done before. If you want to keep your cardio fitness moving towards superhuman levels, add this show into your weekly schedule.
  • 8 Series


    Before we created some Eternity Warrior programs, we did pilot program. The test program was called Restor8 and it was a blend of Strength, Cardio and Flexibility over an 8 week period. EVERYONE echoed the same thing. The program worked like magic! Carve out 8 weeks to feel the best you’ve ever felt! Simply follow along and complete the workout or class recommended for each day.
  • 4 Series

    Stability Ball

    So many people have exercise balls that get almost no use. Dust off and reinflate your exercise ball because Bodylastics has an outstanding Exercise Ball Workout. You will be shocked at how well the best ball exercises work your muscles and bring results.
  • 3 Series

    The Best Medicine

    Best Medicine turns your one dimensional medicine ball into a multi-dimensional body toning, fat burning super tool. Follow along with these 15 minute Medicine Ball Workouts to take your medicine ball training and results to the next level.
  • 57 Series


    We know that women are not looking to bulk up. You want to look slim and toned. That’s why we offer "Bodylastics Toning" Toning Workouts for women. This amazing class format combines toning resistance exercises with cardiovascular movements for maximum results.
  • 1 Series

    Tread Lightly

    If you are looking for beginner Treadmill Workouts to get you started on your path to being in shape, Tread Lightly is what you need! These high energy entry levels sessions are designed to help you start at an easier pace. Jump into your first workout today to burn calories, improve your mood, and feel better!
  • 10 Series


    Are you new to exercise and Resistance Band Training? Just dipping your toe into the water to see how it goes? If so, then Bodylastics has a great beginner/intermediate workout for you: TX2. Let our pro instructors lead and coach you through the basic and best exercises.
  • 11 Series


    Follow along with the Bodylastics Vinyasa Yoga classes, to develop lean muscles and better flexibility. Heck, you just might create some inner peace as well. All of the classic yoga poses are utilized, and additional emphasis is placed on proper breathing. We challenge you to find better yoga classes anywhere! Feel and look better fast!
  • 1 Series

    Yoga 30

    Stiff? Sore? Stressed? If you, you MUST try our Yoga 30 classes! Many of you loved our Full length Yoga classes, but they were simply too long to fit into your schedule. So, we shortened them! Get the same benefits from traditional yoga but from a 30 minute class.