What Makes Our Handle Resistance Bands commercial grade? That's simple! An industry leading design and premium quality materials:

Snap Guard Technology

Let's start with this first. This was a HUGE game changer for elastic tubes back in 2011. Firstly, regardless of the quality of the tubes (ours are excellent) all elastic tubes can snap. It happens because the user unknowing over-stretches the band. To minimize this we came up with our patented inner cord “Safety Net” system, to prevent over-stretching. CLICK HERE to learn more about Snap Guard

Continuous Dipped Elastics

Bodylastics bands are created using the “continuous dip” method of manufacturing. This method increases the wall thickness of the bands by dipping the band in liquid latex over and over. The result is a band which generates more tension.

Superior Door Anchor Design

The Bodylastics door anchor set the new standard. Back in 1998 we were the first anchor on the market that could be placed at all heights of the door, even the bottom. Our soft but dense foam stopper will securely anchor your bands to the door while being gentle on the door and the bands. Click Here to check out the Bodylastics door anchor.

Premium Quality Components

Bodylastics components are made with the highest quality materials. For example, our handles are manufactured using ABS and Nylon pellets. Why? Because Nylon one the strongest plastics available.

50% Better Results 

Your success = our success. That's why every Bodylastics Stackable Tube Set comes with a FREE Trial Membership to our incredible video workouts resource, bodylasticsworkouts.com. Access 1000s of custom written routines filmed raw and real in our very own studios.

Follow along with these amazing videos and your body will have no option but to improve. Why try and figure it out on your own? Let us help! Our instructors become your real life workout partners. Learn More >>

You'll Know you Made the Right Decision as soon as you open the box!

Our mission with our Commercial Grade Handle Resistance Bands is to exceed your expectations.
Don't forget, every system comes with our money back guarantee, just in case.
Have questions before you buy? Hit us up at support@bodylastics.com.