Bodylastics Foam Rollers. Simple, High Quality Super Effective!

High Density Foam

When you are foam rolling your muscles for myofascial release you want a roller that's firm but has a little "give" at the same time. More importantly you want a roller that will maintain it's shape after considerable use. The Bodylastics foam roller is made with super high quality Molded Polypropylene Foam that is compressed at high pressure to create an ideal density. Use it to ease muscle pain and increase flexibility.

36 inches wide for more possibilities

Bodylastics foam rollers are manufactured to be 36 inches wide to provide more options with your rolling routines. Perform exercises for both legs at the same time and maneuver a little better for areas like the hip flexors.

Tons of foam rolling exercises on your phone

Foam rollers are an amazing tool to roll out your sore and tight muscles from amazing Bodylastics workouts. However, a foam roller is no good to you if you do not know how to use it properly. Find the best, rolling exercises and a couple of follow along rolling routines right on your phone, when you install the FREE Bodylastics App for IOS and Android


If you do not absolutely LOVE your Bodylastics Premium Foam Roller, simply return it within 60 days (from the date that you receive it) for a full refund of the purchase price. Our mission is your satisfaction.

36 Inch Ultra Firm Black Foam Roller

36 Inch Ultra Firm PinkFoam Roller