Best Resistance Bands

Our mission since 1998 was to offer the best resistance bands available - anywhere! We simply will not settle for anything less, not for our customers, and not for ourselves! (yes, we use our bands too). Each type of band below is made to be the best resistance bands in its category. Whether is is the length of the band, Anti-Snap technology or additions like custom door anchors, all aspects have been considered and improved.

Bodylastics Clip Tube Resistance Bands

Stackable Clip Bands
Want to replace an entire gym worth of equipment? These clip tube resistance bands sets do just that!
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Bodylastics Handle Tube Resistance Bands

Handle Bands
Move between exercises faster with our tube resistance bands that have handles permanently attached.
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Bodylastics Flat Resistance Bands

Flat Bands
This is the band set for the minimalist. Just grab the band(s) itself and stretch! The tension on these bands is amazing. 
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Loop Bands
Loop bands are amazing for leg work. Train Inner and Outer Thighs, Hamstrings and your Butt.
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Resistance Bands Accessories

All Bodylastics accessories are commercial grade and designed to work seamlessly with the elastic resistance. 
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