New Workout Platform - App Launch Details

Bodylastics site and app updates.

Hey workout partners! It’s been a long time in the works but we are finally entering the final testing phase of the new iOS and Android apps and putting the last pieces into place. As these last few items are completed we wanted to give you an update on the important changes that will be taking place once the apps are approved by Apple and Google.

There are a lot of exciting new changes coming in the apps and they are just the starting point as we continue to develop them with more and more features.

In version 1 of the apps here are some of the features

Free Members:
– You will continue to have free access to 90% of the library. However now it is in a much more user friendly format.
– You will have access to the new onboarding to get you to the perfect workouts for your needs

Premium members:
– There is a new onboarding experience that will help you choose what shows are best for your goals and needs.

– Premium member workouts are now organized in a calendar format that show what days to do the workouts and what days are days off. The calendar will show your progress as you mark workouts complete on each day.

– Workouts can be bookmarked as favorites if you want to keep track of the ones you love and revisit them later.

– Offline downloads will finally be available! This has been our most highly requested feature and we finally will have the ability for you to download the workouts to take with you for when you won’t have access to the internet.

– Casting to Chromecast and Apple Airplay

– Access to the ROKU app

We are excited for everyone to be able to use these new features to improve their workout experience.

Once the apps are LIVE, here are the important changes that you can expect with your current site membership and experience:

1. In late November we had turned off automatic subscription payments through the website in preparation for moving to the apps. Once the apps are launched everyone will become a free member and will need to select one of the new subscription options in the app to continue as a Premium member. Moving forward all subscriptions will be managed directly within the Android or iOS apps. There is nothing that you need to do to cancel your automatic payments through the website as we have already turned those off.

2. The biggest change coming with the introduction of the new apps, is that the website portal will be discontinued. There will no longer be a web interface for accessing the workouts. Moving forward, members will have to download the iOS or Android apps (once they are LIVE ) and access the workout content through the apps. The ROKU channel will remain as it is and it will require an active subscription through the iOS or Android app to access the content. This isn’t a decision we took lightly as we have loved the web based community that has grown over the years. However, technology is changing and mobile apps offer us the best experience and features moving forward and we look forward to starting this next chapter.

3. With the discontinuation of the web interface, that means there will no longer be an Activity Feed or commenting on the workouts. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to interact with the other members though! We will be encouraging everyone who isn’t a member already, to join the Bodylastics Army Facebook group and continue the community interactions inside there. Our Facebook group allows for a larger community of us to interact, share and encourage each other on our fitness journey.  Click the link to join the Bodylastics Army:

4. All of your points and award and rank badges will be moved over with your account. These will not be lost and will still be awarded in the app with some changes. There will no longer be points awarded for commenting, but you will still receive points for logging in and completing workouts and series and still earn rank achievements. In version 1 of the app you will be able to see your total points balance but you won’t be able to see your other badges yet. Rest assured they are all still attached to your account and will be visible in version 2 of the app which won’t be far behind version 1. The app will not notify you of earning points or awards but we will have automated emails sent each time you do to confirm your earnings.

5. The apps will allow for free account access to workouts the same as the website does now with a few changes to what is and isn’t available. With a free account, you will have access to the majority of the library, but won’t be able to earn points and awards, mark workouts complete or favorite, cast workouts or download for offline access. Premium members will have access to all features of the apps as well as the entire library.

6. When your account is migrated to the app, you will need to download either the iOS or Android app to access your account. Your login credentials will be the same as they are now. All of your completed workouts, Roku favorites and points and awards will be preserved and brought over. You will be able to continue with marking your workouts complete from the last point you were in the site.

7. We will resume weekly leaderboards and notify every week in the email. In version 1 of the app you will not be able to see a leaderboard, but we are keeping track and will keep sending out the weekly email winners. Version 2 of the app will bring the leaderboard directly into the apps.

8. We will no longer be offering a monthly subscription option. In order to upgrade to a premium member you will need to subscribe to either a 6 month or 1 year subscription. These will be handled directly through the app and you will have full control over that within your Apple or Google account settings that manage your other app subscriptions.

We understand that many of you will have questions and as always, please email with any questions and we will be happy to clear up any confusion. We will be posting new updates regularly as we finish up the final testing and pieces.

We appreciate everyone in our workout family and look forward to continuing with you on this next chapter!

All the best!

Team Bodylastics