Bodylastics 28-Day Slim Down Detox 
Powered By Eternity Warrior

Enough is Enough!

2 Years of Covid Crap! Eating poorly and depressed, my body paid the price! 

Then add on Spine surgery and no exercise for 4 months. 

All of this took a toll - Extra weight, inflammation. I need a serious reset! The good news - I have one! It's the 28 Day Detox - Powered by Eternity Warrior.

Nicole Created this amazing program and it works! How do I know? because I've already completed it before.

I'm starting my detox on July 25th, join me and we'll all feel amazing together! Check out the details below:

Feel Better In 28 Days!

Regenerate Your Body & Mind
Help Reduce Digestive Distress
Decrease Bloating & Gas
Assist In Lowering Inflammation
Lose Weight & Increase Energy
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
Vegan Protein & Greens Shake
  • Vegan: Soy-free, Dairy-free, Gluten-free Plant-based Vegan Proteins-Pea/Rice
  • Low In Sugar & Carbs: Contains only 5g sugar & 15g carbs) 
  • Detox: Strengthens our Body's OWN Detox System!
  • Rich in Nutrients: Enhances our Antioxidant Function
  • Better Digestion: Supports Gut Function
  • Restorative: Alkalizing for the Body
Best of The Best Ingredients:
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28-Day DETOX Challenge Guidebook
  • Professional Guidance: Devised by an RD & Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Therapist
  • Easy To Follow Plan: "Yes" Foods List, Foods to Avoid, Daily Dozen To-do's, Sample Menu
  • How Toxic Are You Quiz: Rate your level of toxicity based on current health complaints
Eternity Purity Packs
The 28-Day Supply Of Eternity Warrior Purity Packs contain carefully hand-picked ingredients selected to support and strengthen the body’s own detoxification systems.
Accountability & Support
  • Daily instructive Text messages and Emails to keep you in track
  • LIVE Questions & Answer Platform TBD
  • Get once a week access to Nicole Andrews, one of the most respected Nutritionists in South Florida
  • Address any questions to keep you focused and on track
Only $249 $197.00

Let's Start on the 25th of July!!

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